Naivete Thriller

I have now completed the first year of my Alevels, this also means the coursework for my As level Media Studies. For this coursework I have created the opening sequence for a thriller called ‘Naivete’ I worked in a group of three and we planned the video out very carefully. We logged all of our research and planning on a blog as well as reflection on things that didn’t quite work out as we had wished. We begun by coming up with an idea individually before coming together as a group and compromising to come up with our final idea. Then we planned all together before we went out filming where we equally split out the roles of filming and directing the actors. We also equally split the editing so that we would also get an equal chance and would all be able to advance our skills. We used Premier Pro to edit the main bulk of the footage, we also used Sound Booth to create the Foley sounds for some of the sound effects, such as footsteps and the creaky gate. We also edited various sound tracks of music together to create the atmosphere desired. and After Effects to add in our titles.

We made multiple drafts getting feedback from our peers and teachers. This helped us see the parts that did not work that we could not immediately see. Having had feedback and editing the video we created a final version which can be seen below.


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