Music Video Inspiration

For my A2 media course we are creating a music video as part of our course work. I am in a pair with Joely and we were struggling to decide which song to use from our short list so we looked at images and videos for inspiration. If we could come up with a narrative for one of the songs we would find it easier to choose the song which we should create a music video for. When looking at some images one stood out for me.

Mirror - media MV.PNG

This image was interesting and got me thinking of incorporating mirrors into our video. My initial idea was that we would have the whole narrative filmed in one large mirror. Having two sides of a relationship shown, one good side and one bad side. However after some research of how we would have to edit the video we realized that it would not be too practical so a more simplistic idea may be more effective.

Our next thought was to use vintage frames however we decided that we would prefer a more abstract way of presenting our ideas. That is when we came up with the idea of using luck and games, as the song which we are using is ‘Lucky Ones’ by Lana Del Ray. We think that we will be using games such as chess, naughts & Crosses and droughts. These are the proposed games as the song talks about stars aligning and these games all have pieces which align.

We will still bring in the couple but possibly closer to the end, the star of the video, female singer, will be playing one of the games and a guy will come in with the final piece which she needs.


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