Part-Time Work

My part-time job at Rebecca’s Chocolates has helped me become more responsible as when I work there I run the shop for that day by myself meaning I am trusted with a key and all of the general sales and appearance of the store. I have also been able to improve my time management skills and how to priorities better as I am set a list of jobs to do for the day meaning I have to use my time in the shop effectively. I believe that my boss would not only say that I am a trustworthy employee but also very reliable as I have worked there every weekend since October 2014. I have never missed a day of work due to illness and am always punctual. I have also helped out on some weekdays during the times that I am not at school.

When my boss, the person who runs the chocolate making parties that we hold, went away on holiday I was asked to go in and take her place showing all of the children what to do and helping them out with the more difficult tasks. I found this a real compliment as I realised that she has a lot of trust in me and believes that I am capable of doing some of the more complex tasks within our company. I am also now currently the longest standing member of staff after my boss meaning I hold slightly more responsibility than other part-time members of staff within our small company.


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