Sun Safety with Louis the Lobster

Over the summer I have been able to work with a local radio station, Island FM, to raise awareness of sun safety. As I know someone who works at the radio station when they were looking for someone to help she approached me as she knew I perform on stage. I agreed to help as thought it would be a good experience and help people become safer when having fun in the sun.14054123_10153892228085998_273846627451670434_n

For the sun safety awareness initiative I dress up as Louis the Lobster. When dressed up I went to various beaches around the Island, as well as to Herm, with a radio presenter. The presenter and I walked around the beach talking to holiday makers as well as some local people there. We handed out goodie bags with information to help you stay safe. Louis was a big hit with the children who loved waving at him, giving him hugs and taking photos, even a few selfies. This was a really fun and interesting way to get younger people interested in remaining safe whilst having fun. As I wasn’t able to be heard through the big head I had to mime to try get messages across so the presenter was the person who would make sure everyone knew what they had to do to stay safe. We also had sun cream to give out for free for those who did not have any themselves. We were pleased when we heard that the majority of people had got sun cream on, were covering up in the hottest parts of the day and some even had UV protection tents for their children to sit in.

As this was for the radio we had regular intervals where we would talk on the radio about what was going on as well as our top tips for remaining safe. This got a wider range of people aware of what they can do in the hot weather. We even got some people driving past the beach who would honk their horn and wave to Louis the lobster, me, on the beach!

With it being summer it was rather hot in the costume but I had a good time helping make people more aware and safe over the summer period.



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