I volunteered to help  with the new year 12’s on their first few days. I thought that this would be a good experience to help improve my confidence as I would have to talk to new students who I did not know. I also thought it would be good to help as I have been through the process of everything already so know what it is like to be in their position.

For my buddying duty I was allocated a form group. I met the students in the hall and lead them up to the classroom which they would be spending their tutor time in. As it was also my enrolment day I then had to leave the tutor group and enrol in my courses. After I had finished that I was able to join the tutor group again. Each student was given a passport which had a tick list of all things which had to be completed by the time lessons begin in a few days. The tutor for this group was also new to the school so wasn’t too familiar with using the google drive and things so I helped by showing everyone how to access their school google account. I also showed them how to access the document which had been shared with everyone, they had to begin to fill this out on their own device. I answered any questions about what sixth-form life is like and gave them some advice on getting involved in events and how to use their time effectively.

There is a team building event on Friday of this week so I also gave them advice on how to make a costume. As you can get points for team spirit I suggested going as a team costume, either all going as the same thing or picking a theme in which all members of the tutor could dress up as. As you can get team spirit points I also suggested that they come up with a group chant or song which they can sing when taking part in activities. As they decided to go as Teletubbies I suggested that they use the theme tune as a song which they could all learn and sing. Another thing which I mentioned that they could do is have a group picnic rather than bring individual lunches, they liked this idea and worked well together to find food they wanted to bring in and who would bring what.

This has been a good experience as I was able to give something back to the school and help them in a way of thanks for the help which year 13’s gave us last year. I also feel that it was a good way to make them all feel welcome into the school which is important.


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