Specsavers advert

I have had the opportunity to act in a social media advert for Specsavers. This involved me acting as a member of the crowd as they took part in a penalty shootout. This was a great opportunity for me as I was able to gain some experience with working in a large scale film project. I was able to see the type of equipment that they used to film as well as seeing how they use it compared to the ways I have experienced using it myself, with the school equipment.

I also got the chance to talk to some members of the creative and production team, I was able to ask about the planning process for this shoot, how often they take part in similar projects to this and how they got the chance to join Specsavers.

For the planning they told me that the creative members of the Specsavers team will be given a brief of what part it is they are needing to advertise, be this they glasses, new contact lenses or special offers happening at the time. They will then create an idea and refine the ideas down so that they have got a solid outline of what they would like created. This is when the production team come in. They will then have to organise who they will need, where they will be filming and when it will all take place. Eventually once all of the planning has taken place and they know what they will be filming with who and where they will film. This can be a rather lengthily process if actors are not co-operating or if they have issues with the equipment, for the advert that I took part in it all went rather well and quickly. They will then take the footage back to the editing team who will edit all of the clips together to create the final advert ready to go out on various platforms. The main base for Specsavers is in Guernsey as well which is rather cool as it all takes place here on island. They will sometimes have to go off island for the filming of a project however everything else takes place on island.

When I asked how often they tend to take part in projects like this they said that it really would range as there is not always adverts required to be created or they will be adverts that take place in a different form of media, such as print ads. They will create the general adverts for the glasses which tend to be ‘should have gone to specsavers’ type things. Then they also have the special deal advertisements which will take place randomly throughout the year.

When I asked the members of the team how they had started working for Specsavers one said that they had joined through an apprenticeship scheme in which they visited various areas throughout Specsavers. They spent about 2 months with each team from the company. They said that they had really enjoyed this and found it very helpful as when they begun they were not too sure what they wanted to do however after taking part in this scheme they had been able to experience a variety of areas so therefore able to identify their preferred area of work within the creative industry.

Overall I enjoyed being a part of a production for a company who creates advertisement videos that go all around the UK. I also found it very helpful to be able to talk to some of the members of the production team as I was able to see just how a degree in media production could help me for a future in a media company. It also showed me just how diverse the areas of the company can be so there is not just the basic areas that I had originally believed but a lot more people behind the scenes meaning there is a lot more opportunity to find the area that is best suited to you.


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