Guernsey Folklore Documentary

I have had the great opportunity of being involved in a documentary about the Guernsey Folklore. This has been great as I have been able to learn more about the history of the island that I have spent my life on. I found some of the stories that were being re-told in this documentary fascinating. Although I was not heavily involved I did enjoy the opportunity of acting in this. I was acting as a part of a crowd in a few scenes, one being a beach scene where Michelle is being publicly shamed for her actions.

An image of us after the filming for the shaming scene.

This volunteering job was not only interesting as I got to learn more about the history of Guernsey but also because I was involved in a professional documentary that will be published. I have also been able to see that the whole process takes a lot longer than I had initially thought, we are still in the process of filming some of the scenes now however they have been able to create a trailer which you can see below.




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