I have recently begun the second year of my studies for my Alevels. I have also taken the opportunity to take part in the EPQ. When thinking of essay ideas I thought of things that I found interesting and believed would be wide enough to create an essay about however narrow enough to keep in with the word count available. Having begun studying mental illnesses in the clinical module of my Psychology course I realised how interesting I find it so an EPQ about mental illness may be for me, I would also really like to link it into media somehow as I would rather like to have a career in this field. Some ideas that I have come up with are:

  • How the presentation of mental illness in social media has changed over the years.
  • How mental illness is presented in films.
  • How the presentation of mental illness in film has changed over the years.
  • How positive is the representation of mental illness in film/other forms of media?

Having thought carefully about which type of question would be most appropriate for my EPQ I had begun to do some research to see which one I thought would work best or if there was a slight variant of a question that would work better. When talking to the teacher involved in the EPQ process she mentioned the artefact EPQ which I had previously not been very aware of. This would mean creating a product and writing up about the whole process. This meant that I would possibly be able to create a video for my EPQ which I would enjoy a lot as well as gain a lot more experience of working on a project like this alone.

Having given it some thought I approached a local trust and finance company, Heritage. I approached them with the idea of creating a promotional film to help with recruitment which they could use at careers fayre and on their website to help recruit young employees. Heritage seemed rather interested by this prospect so we arranged for a time for me to go in a meet with a member of their HR team. When I explained what I planned on doing Heritage seemed to be rather eager for this to go ahead so I went away to think of some firmer ideas. They gave me a brief stating that they wanted the video to be helping with recruitment for young potential employees and rather serious and professional and grasp the attention fairly quickly to gain the interest of the students at careers fayres. I have begun thinking of ideas and decided to go with a few varying ideas, some more professional and serious than others. The next step will be to go back in to meet with the team to discuss my ideas.

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