My Aims and Objectives for EPQ

Whilst taking part in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) I hope to gain and improve a few things.

On aim of mine is to improve my independent learning skills. I hope to become better at creating an extended piece of work using my time wisely and effectively, not just leaving things until the last minute meaning I will not be able to create the best possible quality of work that I have initially hoped. I will also aim to improve my research skills so that I find the best sources I can to make accurate and informed points when writing.

Another thing which I hope to gain whilst doing the EPQ is a wider knowledge about the subject area, mental illness and how it is portrayed in the media, this being social media sites as well as the more professional platforms.

I am also hoping for the EPQ to help prepare myself for further education after Sixth-Form which will be a lot more independent. I believe that this is a very good way for me to help myself as I will be completing a piece of work that is at university level.

I had set myself a few objectives before finalising my decition as to what I should do for my EPQ so they were based on a slightly different subject to my final project which is going to be a video. This means I have got some slightly different aims to add now that I have firmed my decisions.

One of my new aims is to improve my post-production skills as well as my filming skills. This will be extremely helpful for me as I wish to have a career in media production. As I am going to be working alone I will need to use my creative thinking and organisation skills very well to ensure that the product does as it needs and helps with recruitment of young people.

I feel that creating a video for a large company, such as Heritage, will also give me a better insight as to what it is like in the real world when creating a product.

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