Beginning of EPQ Artefact

As I am making the video for a company once I had approached them they gave me a brief of some things that they would like to be included in the short film. Having looked at the brief I needed to try and come  with an idea for the film that would grasp the attention of young people at the careers fayre and people visiting their website. I have brainstormed a few ideas of how I can make the film visually interesting yet still as they want. In the beginning of the process I looked at some recruitment videos for other companies that had already been created by professionals. This helped me gain a better understanding of what the basics of the film should be like. I have now come up with a few ideas of what the video could be like. One idea that I like at the moment is a film shot all in point of view, this would be a day in the life style film showing what it is like to enter Heritage and what sort of things go on in an average day. Another idea is to have an introduction inspired by an iconic film, one being Star Wars. I have also considered another type of film which would be more serious, this would be more of just cutting between shots of the office space and their meeting rooms and employees from different departments talking about what they do and what Heritage is like. I have now organised a date to meet with Zena, the person who is mainly in control of the film from within the office, and discuss the ideas that I have got. In this meeting we will go over my ideas to see if they agree and like what it sounds like so far. We will also see that the key parts that they would like to be included will be there. In this meeting we will organize who will be available to be filmed and when I will go in to do the first shoot.

Here you can see the ideas that I had, I have also attached some images from other videos that I have seen that I felt looked effective and used a good used of a variety of angles keeping the video visually interesting.

Screenshot 2016-11-28 at 08.20.43.png

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