Peer Mentoring

During my time at Sixth-Form I have taken part in multiple schemes to help myself and others within the school, one of these being peer-mentoring. I am currently taking part in a 10 week course on communication within this I will not only be able to improve my communication for when I mentor one of the younger students but also be able to improve my communication for everyday life.

This 10 week course is helping us become more aware of how we communicate in everyday life as well as helping us understand how we should talk to the students when we are mentors. We have also gone through possible situations that could occur with the student and discussed ways that we would deal with them in the most effective way. One example being if the student add you on social media sites or another being if they come in and tell you about their weekend where they got drunk or did other things which are not age appropriate. We also talked about how we can tell if the student is telling you this purely because they believe that it will impress you or if it actually happened. This is important as we do not want them to be making things up to gain our approval as we are not there to be their friend, we are there to assist them with issues that they feel friends, teachers and parents can’t help with.

I have currently not yet finished the course, this will finish at the end of the current term. This is when we will be assigned a student to help. I have found the 10 week course very helpful in everyday life so far as well as I have been more aware of how I communicate with people, it has helped me find alternative ways to communicate my point across using a variety of types of communication, verbal and physical.




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