Ideas are firmed

I have now been for the meeting with Zena at Heritage. Lucy from HR also joined us as she will be helping with the production. When I first arrived I told Zena and Lucy about the ideas that I already had for the video. Once I had told them everything they told me their opinions of the ideas and which ones they thought would work. We had a discussion about how we could rearrange the ideas and possibly merge some to create one. In the end we decided to go with the idea of doing a day in the life video. We would begin with one of the Heritage workers then follow him around the company showing the possible employees all the departments within Heritage. This will also give them a better insight into what each area does and how they all work together. We talked about two possible directions for the video to go in, one being we follow one worker around for the day or we follow them to begin with and as they have a meeting with someone else we then follow the next employee and so on seeing what it is like to work there from the perspective of not only one employee but employees from all areas. I found it very helpful and interesting to hear what Zena and Lucy had to say about the ideas and to see their ideas about the direction the video could go in. We also talked about the possible people who we could use to film. At the end of the meeting I agreed that when I went away I would create a breakdown of the video to send to them with the ideas that we had discussed. Once I had completed this I would send it to Zena and we could eventually arrange times available for me to go in and film.

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