Break down of the video

When creating the breakdown of the video I did a very basic outline stating which areas the employee would be dealing with. I had a list of the areas that Zena and Lucy wanted included in the video this helped as I was able to see which areas the employee would have to deal with. As we had talked about two possible directions for the video to go in I created two versions, one following one employee and the other following one until they deal with another area and then following that area. When I sent it off to Zena I asked which version she would prefer as it is for their company. She decided that it would be better if we just had one employee. I am not going to create a more in depth shot list style document in which I specify the location, individuals involved and types of shot angles and distances I would use. Once finished I will send Zena a copy to see and approve, if she has any changes I will edit it, if not we will then arrange the dates for me to go in and film and she will get the employees needed for the shoot available.

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