Jesus Christ Superstar Advertising

I am a part of this years school production, Jesus Christ Superstar. I am staring in it as a part of the chorus, I have also taken the opportunity to help myself gain more experience with media production. I have created a video to help create more publicity and a buzz for the show. I have filmed parts of our rehearsals as well as some of the times when we have created props such as the plaques that the crowds have when they turn against Jesus. I then I got all of the footage and edited it together using Premier Pro to create a short promotional film. I also used Sound Booth to edit the sound clips from the production to have in the background of the visual.

Having created the whole film I uploaded it to my youtube channel and we have used it to increase publicity and to get the audience excited to come and see the performance in late November 2016. We have put the link on the school website so that people will be able to find it easily. A link was also sent out on the weekly bulletin which goes to all tutor groups so that students would watch the video during tutor time.

You can see the final short promotional film below.


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