Set backs for EPQ

I had initially planned and checked with Heritage, that I would be able to have all of the filming done before the end of this year however due to deadlines and staff being absent Heritage has said that they would not be able to have me come in to film within December and it would be better for me to come in early 2017, we have not yet finalized the dates but I hope to have confirmed dates soon.

Although it is not the best that I have not been able to film when I had originally planned I have learnt that when you are working for a client things do not always go as smoothly or quite as you had initially planned. I feel that doing this for my EPQ is really enlightening me as to what it is like to work for a client and giving me a better idea of what it is like to work in media production in the real-world.

As I have had the set backs from the company I have re arranged some of my deadlines that I have set for myself to ensure that I stay on track. This has not been too difficult however I may not have quite as much time as I had hoped for for the editing process.

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