EPQ session

As a part of the process we have been split into groups and each group has a tutor and a lesson slot each week where we go and ask any questions, find out more key information and have a little bit of guidance to make sure that we are all staying to our deadlines.

This week for our session all EPQ students got together and we had a talk about the assessment criteria for our project. I found this very helpful as I was able to see just what I am going to be marked for and how I can get the most out of my experience.

We begun by being made aware of our first checking deadlines and when we would be having review meetings with our tutors. Then we were told about how the mark scheme is broken down into

AO1 – How we manage our time

AO2 – The use of resources around us

AO3 – Our development over the process, and the actual project itself

AO4 – How we review/our presentation

I believe that the tips given on how we can best use our skills to gain the best mark possible for each student was very beneficial for me. I now have a clearer idea of what I should be aiming for when completing each area of the EPQ and how I should be using resources and my time to be most effective.

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