Print Products

As a part of my A2 coursework I have been creating two print products to go along with my music video for Fences by Paramore.

The first product was a digipak for the album which features Fences, the song which I have made the music video for. I had previously not had a lot of experience with using Photoshop so I looked at quite a few tutorials online as well as just experimenting with the different features I could find. I am very pleased with how far I have been able to come with using Photoshop. Here is my final digipak.

I have also created an advert for the album, I have looked very carefully at the conventions, as with the digipak, and have been able to challenge some whilst using others exactly how they should be used. This has allowed me to be creative whilst keeping the product as the target audience would desire. Here is the final Advert.



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