Evaluation of shoots

Over all I would say that the filming for the video has gone quite well however there have been a few issues along the way.

the first issue was on the first day, when collecting the equipment I forgot to check that everything was there although I had made sure that the tripod worked and that the camera had good charge and also had a SD card I forgot to check that I had the clasp that allows the camera and tripod to be connected. This meant that I had to hold the camera on the tripod which meant some of the shots may have wobbled slightly but I think that we dealt with the issue fairly well improvising with some blu tack.

Another issue on the first day was that Emily, the lead for the video, was not quite 100% as she had an issue with her eye so did not want her face filmed, because of this we decided to film her main parts over the other days however we did need her for some of it so filmed from the side and over her shoulder. Apart from that the filming on day 1 went well and both of the men answered the questions as needed.

When I arrived to film on the second day Emily had not been able to wear the same top as the previous day which would mean we would have continuity issues, we had two options to fix this, film with the guys again to make an introduction and have the link with Emily or change the video so it is a week in the life rather than a day in the life.

These were the main issues that occurred over the filming days. In future I would probably try to film on just one day to avoid issues with continuity. I will also make sure that I take multiple batteries as I did this time as I found it helpful as on one day we nearly ran out.

Things that went well on the filming days was that I had got my shot-lists and storyboards which helped me make sure that I did not miss anything out. As we had planned well and had a schedule of who we would be filming when we were able to film in a fairly short amount of time which was good as we could not have the staff away from their work for too long.

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