Bournemouth video

One of the university’s that I have applied for is Bournemouth. They have requested that as part of the application process I create a video to fit to the title ‘Five things you really need to know about me’. I was asked for the video to be exactly 60 seconds long and it could be in whatever form that I wanted. This allowed me to get creative. having jotted down some basic ideas I begun to think of exactly what I would do and plan the filming that would be needed. I decided to create a video which is part interview of me talking about the five things they really need to know about me. I have also added parts which will be like a voice over in which I have decided to show what I am talking about through collages of my work, clips of products that I have created and shots of Guernsey. I have not only been able to show my already existing production skills but I have also advanced my skills with aspects such as adding links within the video when uploading it to YouTube. I am pleased with the outcome having only had 2 weeks to create the video for them along with having multiple other deadlines for coursework at the time.


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