Draft 1

Now that I have been out shooting for the video I have been able to upload the raw footage to to premier pro and begin to cut the clips together. I initially begun by looking at my storyboard and creating the very beginning of the video where Emily enters the office. I have also added some basic transitions such as a dip to black to help with changing from shot to shot and show the passing of time. I have also looked at all of the interviews with employees and found the key aspects that I feel should be included in the video.

I can see that some shots are too long and I know that there are also some areas that do not flow too well, There are also some aspects that I am not aware of how they should be such as dialogue from employees that can not be used due to legality issues and other parts that the company may just not want in a video that is promoting their business. To make sure that Heritage is happy with the product I have now sent them a copy of draft one and am awaiting some feedback.

Here is draft one of my Heritage EPQ film.

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