Draft 1 – Feedback

When emailing Zena the first draft of the video I explained some of the parts that I would still be looking at as I could see issues with them. So that I could also get her opinion from the view of the business I asked a few questions. I also said that if there was anything that was unwanted or something that I had missed out that they specifically needed then she should also say. This will be extremely helpful for me when moving on to edit a second draft of the video.

Here is a copy of my email to Zena.


Zena replied with some very helpful feedback which can be seen here.


A summary of the feedback from draft 1:

  • There was a specific font that their company uses for advertisement purposes so it would be good if I could also use this font style.
  • She liked the way some clips overlap, creating a voice over effect.
  • They would also like for there to be some background music.

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