Draft 2

Having received some feedback from Zena I have begun to make some amendments. One of the changes that I have made is for the title page, I have moved it so that the ‘Day in the life’ overlaps the shot of Emily at her desk to try and make it more interesting for those watching. I have also added titles for each employee that is interviewed, I have put the titles in the top left hand corner and I have made sure that I use the calibri font as Zena said that this is what they usually use in advertisement products for Heritage.

Some of the clips that I have used have been a bit too long so I have cut down what Emily is saying at the end when giving advice to school leavers. I have also made the clips of the lights being turned on quicker.

I begun to work on adding some background music. I have cut the track and joined it to an earlier part of the song so that it will fit to the whole video and will flow well. To do this I have used the razor tool on premier pro and listened very carefully to match up the beats. This took quite a lot of concentration and time however I found it very useful to do this as  I have not worked with editing music like this very much before and I have been able to advance my skills in the editing of sound. I also had to bring down the volume level so that the interviews could be heard clearly.

I have also been able to add in their logo at the beginning and end of the video as well as have it in small in the top right hand corner of the video at all times and steadied a shot of Emily sat at her desk from the beginning of the video.

So that I could again get feedback on the draft so that it is as the company would like I have sent draft 2 to Zena. Here draft 2 of the video that you can watch.


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