Draft 3

Having had Zena reply having watched the second draft I have made some more changes to the second draft. A key thing that I have changed in the video is the background music. I have found a similar track that will not have any copy-write or legal issues for the company as it is not a soundtrack for a song that has been created by a signed artist.

I have also edited the position of the titles as well as the effect on the job title.  I have also removed ‘the day in the life’ title as the company does not want it there.

Another change that I have made to the video is the logo used in the top corner of the video. I had been looking for a way to remove the white outline on the logo however could not find one, I had originally not realised that the PNG on the logo did not have the white outline hence why I used the JPG.

I have also once again cut down some of the dialogue from the interviews so that the video will be legally fitting to what Heritage is allowed to present to potential employees.

So that I could get a range of opinions on the video I have also shown my current media teacher, Mrs Cobb, draft 2 of the video so that I can get some more feedback from someone else’s point of view as well as someone who will be looking for the techniques used rather than just the content and making sure that it flows well. One thing that Mrs Cobb has suggested was to edit the way the footage is positioned in the frame so that the shots would be closer and make a more intimate feel for the audience.

Here you can see my final draft 3.


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