Draft 4

Having looked at the feedback from Zena I have continued to edit the video. Something that I think has really improved the video is altering of the sound. I have changed the volume of the music so that it fades down when interviews begin and it fades back up when finished. I have made sure that the music can still be heard below the dialogue however it no longer overpowers it.

As the job title on screen when Harry talks did not match what he was saying I changed the text so that they did once again match. I have also cut down the length of Will’s interview by cutting out part from towards the end that is not quite necessary, Zena quoted a part that she wanted it to be cut at so I have cut it here however I am not too sure if it flows well so have left it and will see what Zena thinks when she looks at the next draft.

I have been able to stabilize some of the still shots so that they do not wobble as they did move a little. These now look a lot better and have done for a while however some of the pan’s included are not as steady as I would have liked so I have  been doing some research into how to steady a pan. To read about this in more depth find the later post called “Stabilizing the pan’s”. I have not been able to finish editing it for draft 4 however it should be done for draft 5.

I have also made the few other tweaks for draft 4 such as re-positioning the logo throughout the video. I have also made a few other changes to parts of the video that I did not think worked too well.

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