Stabilizing Pans

I have not previously stabilised a pan in premier pro or after effects so I looked into the effects that I could find on the two programs myself. When I could not find anything that worked when experimenting with the effects I could see available I also tried to use the same feature that I had previously used for the still shots.

Here is the video which I found to help me stabilise the still shots.

I selected the tracker feature and ticked the boxes position, scale and reflection. I then got the two tracking points and tried to find an area on the shot that would be in shot throughout the whole pan however this did not work so I turned to trying another method. I could not figure out another way to try and stabilise the shot on my own to I turned to researching tutorials online. Here is one site that I looked at but unfortunately did not find too helpful.  I also found some that said to use the ‘warp stabiliser’ effect in premier pro or after effects but the system that I was using premier pro and after effects was the CS5 and I could not find this feature so I continued to find another way.

Here is a video that I had looked at.

I came across a video which seemed to be helpful and showed me how to use Adobe Mocha as well as after effects. I begun to follow what the man had been saying however I got to importing it to After Effects and realised that I did not have access to the Mocha importer and when trying to download it I realised it was quite pricey so I had to once again try to find another method.

Here is the another video which I looked at about using Mocha

One of the media teachers is quite advanced with using After Effects so I asked them when the internet failed to assist. He told me that there was a few computers in the other media room that had got the updated Premier Pro CC and After Effects CC so I could have a look and see if there was any more effects. When I got the chance to have a look at the updated After Effects I found they did have the Warp Stabiliser effect that worked very well.

I found the warp stabiliser.


I then dragged it over the footage and it took a few minutes to analyze the clip but worked extremely well.

After effects stable.PNG

Since I had been able to stabilize the clips required I just had to add them back onto the Premier Pro project. Having saved the clips I tried to import them back in but couldn’t find the composition so I rendered each one and exported them as seen below, I was then able to add them back into the final project.

Here I am rendering each project so I could add them back into Premier Pro for the final project.


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