I have talked vaguely about how I have edited in some of the draft posts however I will go into more depth here. A key feature on Premier Pro that I have used it the razor tool.

This is the main thing that I have used to cut down the footage, it has allowed me to cut clips before the end in order to create a greater sence of continuity.

When I have been editing I have put all of the clips into the timeline, this has let me see how long shots are and see how long the whole video is. This was where I would put all of my different clips in order.

With Premier Pro once I had put the different clips together I found that some did not flow as well as they should so I experimented with the transition effects available. One that I found helped was a ‘Dip to Black’. Later on I also found the ‘Dip to White’ came in helpful when transitioning from the initial Heritage screen as well as at the end when transitioning back to the end screens.


Something else that I used Premier Pro for was the titles.


Above is what I used to add the titles in and below is what I used to edit them.


I found it very easy to get used to using and I was also easily able to put them on top of the footage as well as editing the font type and size used.


I also wanted to add an animation to the entrance and exit of the individual titles. I found the available ones and found one that I liked however the same animation looked slightly different upon entrance and exit so I had to experiment with some of the others there, selected in blue in the above image are the different types that I experimented with.


In the end I found the most successful ones to be a wipe on the entrance and slide upon exit. The titles are in the row above as I did not want the chosen transition to be on the previous shot as well as the text.

When editing certain things the bar along the top would not always be green which meant I needed to render the footage before exporting so it would be one solid piece and would not be disjointed at all for those viewing the video. I then also exported my footage so I could share it to either get feedback or present the final product. When exporting I select File, Export, Media.


I then check that it is of the correct quality and that it will save in the correct place with the correct name as well as checking that the whole video is there.


Followed by pressing Export which leads you to the following page showing that it is exporting therefore preparing to be shared through other forms of media.



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