Office temping

In June 2017 I finished my A-Level exams and I then had about 3 months before I would be moving to the UK to begin university so I took this as a change to enroll with a local recruitment office as well as contacting a few companies personally in order to try and get some temporary work. I thought this would be a good idea as I would get a better idea of what the real working world is like whilst being able to save up some money for when I move to university and need to be a lot more independent.

I was unfortunately unsuccessful with companies that I approached myself in gaining any positions however the recruitment agency was a great help and helped me find two receptionist opportunities.

The first of the two was with Deloitte where I worked for 2 weeks. I had some training before one of the receptionists went away on holiday and I covered for her. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company as all of the staff were very welcoming and easily approachable when I came across issues that I was not sure how to deal with. This cover role meant I was responsible for ensuring all meeting rooms were ready at all times in case there was a last minute meeting required. I would also confirm all room bookings from staff and helped out with taxi bookings for members of staff or clients who needed to travel on and off the island. I was also responsible for ensuring the entrance of the office floor was presentable and that any guests who arrived had got a drink or anything that they needed. I would also notify staff when they had clients in to visit and of any post which had been delivered for them. During my time at Deloitte I also learnt how to place DHL orders and I made sure all log books were correct and up to date.

I also had another placement later on in the summer with KPMG. This placement was slightly longer and I was there for 3 weeks. I equally enjoyed working here however there was more independence as unlike with Deloitte they only have one receptionist which meant I was the only person who had learnt how to complete some of the tasks that needed to be done so if there was issues I had to try and create solutions myself. The job role of receptionist at KPMG was very similar to that at Deloitte however some of their methods of recording data varied. The taxi bookings for example had slightly different information that was required to be noted down as well as using a different booking system for meeting rooms. I also had a few extra requirements when working for KPMG such as having to also book hotel rooms for some of the staff who were coming over to the Guernsey branch. At KPMG I was again responsible for setting up and closing the entrance area as well as keeping up it’s appearance throughout the day.  At KPMG one of the main differences was with the phone. A lot more clients would not have the members of staff’s direct line so they would phone reception and it was then my job to find the correct transfer code and transfer them to the correct person.

There was quiet and busy times when working for both of the companies which has helped me to improve my organisation and time keeping skills as you never know how busy it may get later on in the day. I did enjoy the experience even though being a receptionist is currently not my ideal long term career. I feel that these temping opportunities have helped my confidence grow and helped me become a more independent individual. I learnt how to use a variety of different software and systems throughout the different businesses which I believe has helped me become a lot more versatile and I can pick up a new way of using a system a lot quicker. Overall this has been a very positive experience and I have been able to improve my skills with technology which will be of assistance on my Media Production BSc at De Montfort University.


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