Rebecca’s Chocolates

I have had the amazing opportunity to have a part-time job at Rebecca’s Chocolates for 3 years. Rebecca’s Chocolates is a local Guernsey business based at Oatlands, a family retreat. When I first started working here back in 2015 and a lot of things were different, both how I am personally, my job role and how the shop itself has developed.

I would say that working at Rebecca’s Chocolates has made a very good and big impact on my life. One of the main things that has helped me is having to serve customers. To many people this would sound like one of the most simple aspects of the job however when I first started this was the most terrifying and difficult thing that I had to do. I was scared to have to talk to people that I didn’t know and was worried that I would do something wrong. I soon realised that this was an issue that I should not be worried about. Everyone who came in was very nice and it took me a while to realize this however I eventually did. Having to overcome this and deal with new customers of a weekly basis has not only helped me improve my people skills but has also had an amazing impact on my self confidence. I used to be very shy and quiet and I still can be like this on occasions however I have improved a lot and find it a lot easier and am a lot more comfortable with meeting new people and talking to people that I do not know well or at all. I have also changed as a person as when I first started working here I was 15 years old and had just started year 11, my final year at high school, and now I am 18 and am about to begin university.

As I previously said my job role is another thing that has changed a lot is my job role. When I first begun working at Rebecca’s I would sell our products, package boxes of chocolates and other similar products as well as making sure that the shop was presentable and appealing for customers. I would also make soft ice-creams for customers during the summer months. I also held a great deal of responsibility as I got a key to the shop as I would open and lock up the shop every time I worked as I would be working alone after I finished my training. As I have got more skilled I have been able to package a wider range of our products now helping come up with new season specialist packaging and ideas. I do still hold a key and my general duties remain the same however in January 2017 I was responsible for training up a new weekend member of staff and between then and now I have trained up 3 other members of staff. I have also started to work with multiple other members of staff a lot more with working during school holidays with the full-time staff and as the business grew we have started to have at least 2 weekend staff working each day. During the holidays I would occasionally help out with making some of the chocolates and assist with a few basic parts of the chocolate making parties which we host. Until September 2016 this was as close to making the chocolate I got. In September Dianne, the head Chocolatier  went on holiday so I was asked to step in and run a children’s chocolate making party myself which I enjoyed and went rather successfully. I was then also able to go in after school on weekdays to help out when Dianne broke her ankle earlier this year. Since then the business has been growing dramatically and I have had the chance to become a lot more involved. We begun to have chocolate making parties on the weekends which I would run with the help of some of the other weekend staff. My boss then also approached me about actually making some of the chocolates so I begun with some basic piping and managed to work my way up to making the molded chocolates and truffles from February to September. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was learning a great deal more about chocolate, tempering it and the kinds of things which were possible for us to create. This new knowledge allowed me to be even more involved with giving ideas of new products that we could make. I was mainly working 2 days a week, on the weekends, until I finished my exams in June. After this I was able to go in during the week to learn more and help out with one of our busiest times of year.

Over the summer months I almost became a full-time member of staff in-between temping in the offices helping out when general extra assistance was needed as well as covering for when Dianne broke her wrist. (Yes same person who broke her ankle earlier this year!) I have loved being able to expand my knowledge in another area and gain a wider range of skills as well as be able to of assistance and help brain storm more season specific ideas for the shop and products such as how we would decorate the shop for Halloween and Christmas and new chocolates to make such as a large Chocolate coffin!. Another thing that I was able to do during the summer months with Rebecca’s Chocolates was to create a website with another member of weekend staff, Maria. Maria and I were told what sort of things Hanne, our boss, wanted the website to be like and what she wanted to be included and we were then left mostly to our own devices to build and design the website with the help of the use of vista-print. We took photos of all of our products, learnt how to add extra pages and personalize the website so that it would fit our criteria and be easily navigated by all customers, no matter how much technological knowledge they have. Neither of us had got any previous experience with building a website or anything similar so we really thrived in this new experience and learning how everything worked. It took a lot of time, research and problem solving but eventually we got there and ended up with a product that we were all very happy with. We were even able to teach Hanne a little more about how to use the website and check the page views that we have got which she was very pleased with and we are now well over 200. To check out our website just click the following link : Rebecca’s Chocolates

Overall I have loved my time with Rebecca’s Chocolates and even though I have now moved to Leicester to study Media Production at University I will be returning at Christmas to continue to help and work with the Rebecca’s team 🙂


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