Demon Media

I have recently moved to Leicester to study Media Production at De Montfort University. I looked into some of the society’s that would be available for me to join and DEMON MEDIA stood out to me as it looked like a great opportunity to advance my skills and get more experience in order to assist with furthering my career. As with many societies they had a taster day so that we could get a greater insight into what the society is and see if it is something that we would like to join. Demon Media has got three main strands, TV, FM and The Demon which is a magazine.

I went to the FM taster first where I got to record a few links for a radio show which was fun. At first I did not know what to talk about but then it just flowed and was good. We talked about our experience of freshers so far and about where we are from.

I was then able to go to the taster for Demon TV where I was in charge of the VT which entailed me keeping an eye on when the VT needed to played play it on time and then also tell the floor manager what the remaining time on the VT was.

I really enjoyed both of these and was then able to try The Demon which was not as much my thing just because of the nature of it. We were set the task of writing an article about Halloween or Autumn for the next magazine. I was not the best but hopefully they could use part of it, if not I did fairly enjoy writing it.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Demon Media so far and am looking forward to being able to join fully and am now also looking forward to starting my course even more to be able to experience more of a variety of media production and begin to get even more involved and advance my skills.


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