Demon Updates

Since joining Demon in October 2017 I have had the opportunity to do so many amazing things. Firstly I am involved in 2 of the strands; Demon TV and Demon FM. I enjoy both of these a lot however I have been able to do a wider variety of things with Demon TV due to the nature of this form of media.

I am a part of the Late Nights team on Demon FM where I co-present a show every Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning from 12-2am. I present this with Alice, Tom and Rob and together we form LAT’R. We have been rapidly improving our interactivity with listeners with the use of the Demonfm Twitter a well as with our own social media reminding people to tune in at throughout the day. I really enjoy presenting this show and I can see that all of our presenting skills have developed well since our first show. We have made sure that we all get an equal chance to be ‘in control’ and use the desk by going in rotation each week. This has made sure that we are all capable of controlling the levels, putting ourselves live and using Zetta. As well as presenting I have also become an assistant Producer for the Afternoons team. This involves me sitting in on shows and giving each team feedback about things which have gone well and they should continue to do as well as improvements they can make. I am also there to keep an eye on what they are doing to ensure that everyone is complying with the rules of ofcom as well as being there to assist if any technical issues were to occur. I feel that although as the beginning it was slightly scary and I felt as if I had thrown myself in at the deep end being less experienced with the radio than some of the showteams it has defiantly helped me improve my confidence with radio as well as my understanding of the technical side. My understanding of how to best present and interact with the listeners has also improved due how I have been sitting back and analysing how the afternoon presenters are. Demon FM will also often interview local and visiting artists, I have been able to interview the Canadian singer/songwritter Josh Taerk. It was great to be able to interview him and find out more about the background of his career as well as being bale to watch him perform live. His work was different and I really enjoyed it so would highly recommend it if you get the chance to listen. It is almost the Leicester comedy festival and Demon usually gets interviews with some of the comedians to go on air to push the awareness of the performances. I have had the chance to interview Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley who are both performing at the Cookie and happen to be marrried. These interviews were both conducted over the phone and I was grateful to be able to get the chance to see what interviewing someone for the radio was like but I was also able to see the technical side of recording a telephone interview so that it’s able to go out on live radio. I have also recently been able to learn how to do a live telephone call because one of the Afternoons presenters wanted to do one. I had an idea of how it all worked due to having conducted two pre recorded telephone interviews however this was slightly different but I do now know how to do it either way which will be helpful. Due to it nearly being the Leicester comedy festival Demon FM’s coverage of it is going to increase. One way in which this is happening is with the afternoons team. The show teams will be presenting live from Leicester Creative Business Depot with some interviews about the upcoming events for the Comedy Festival. This has been very interesting to see how an outside broadcast is set up and I am looking forward to assisting the showteams when it comes to it.

I have also been rather heavily involved with Demon TV even though I am not in management at all. I have however had the chance to plan, film and edit multiple projects. I have also been a runner for part of a short series called ‘Funny’ where I have been able to learn more about the monitoring of sound recording.


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