AV Loans

Demon TV is approached by areas of the university to help make promotional videos for them, one area which has recently approached us is AV Loans, this is the part of DMU which stores a variety of equipment for students to rent out. The store things from laptops to projectors as well as equipment to assist students in making productions, both visual and audio. They were wanting a video to be made so that students would be more aware of their new updated system, including the online booking where you can make bookings as close as 30 minutes before collection. This is a big improvement as you used to have to book things 3 days before you needed it.

Alice and I met with the people who wanted the video to be made and discussed what they wanted and some of the ideas which we had already had. After that we went away and created a storyboard and started filming. We used 2 people to show the different ways in which you can use the website to make a booking as well as to show how multiple people can be served at once. We also used a Go Pro in order to show the vast amount of equipment which they have available. Once we had filmed everything we begun to edit the footage together Working along side the people from AV Loans we were able to make the edit fit to the music which they had chosen for us as well as create both a long and a short version of the video. This allows them to use the video in different circumstances, effectively getting the messages across to the students at DMU about how things have changed and improved as well as key things which people should know such as having your card upon arrival in order to collect the correct equipment. When in the Post-Production process we discussed the idea of having interviews with students so we can show their views on how everything works. To show this we created a separate video where 5 students gave their opinion on what they liked about AV Loans. We have included subtitles so that the video could be used on screens around campus.

You can video the videos here:

The short video –

The full video –

The interview video –


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