Having completed my EPQ I have created a presentation to show my journey. I have talked about everything from the initial choosing of my project, the planning process, the filming, editing and I have also reflected on the experience as a whole. I have found this helpful as I have been able to look back at everything that I have done and I can now see a clear progression that I have made. I am pleased with how it has gone and I am also pleased with how I have dealt with any issues that I came across.

I am looking forward to sharing my experience with some of the other students from my EPQ class as I am pleased with not only outcome but generally with how I have coped with such an individual piece of work.

Click here is the final presentation.

Screenshot 2017-03-07 at 15.10.12



I have talked vaguely about how I have edited in some of the draft posts however I will go into more depth here. A key feature on Premier Pro that I have used it the razor tool.

This is the main thing that I have used to cut down the footage, it has allowed me to cut clips before the end in order to create a greater sence of continuity.

When I have been editing I have put all of the clips into the timeline, this has let me see how long shots are and see how long the whole video is. This was where I would put all of my different clips in order.

With Premier Pro once I had put the different clips together I found that some did not flow as well as they should so I experimented with the transition effects available. One that I found helped was a ‘Dip to Black’. Later on I also found the ‘Dip to White’ came in helpful when transitioning from the initial Heritage screen as well as at the end when transitioning back to the end screens.


Something else that I used Premier Pro for was the titles.


Above is what I used to add the titles in and below is what I used to edit them.


I found it very easy to get used to using and I was also easily able to put them on top of the footage as well as editing the font type and size used.


I also wanted to add an animation to the entrance and exit of the individual titles. I found the available ones and found one that I liked however the same animation looked slightly different upon entrance and exit so I had to experiment with some of the others there, selected in blue in the above image are the different types that I experimented with.


In the end I found the most successful ones to be a wipe on the entrance and slide upon exit. The titles are in the row above as I did not want the chosen transition to be on the previous shot as well as the text.

When editing certain things the bar along the top would not always be green which meant I needed to render the footage before exporting so it would be one solid piece and would not be disjointed at all for those viewing the video. I then also exported my footage so I could share it to either get feedback or present the final product. When exporting I select File, Export, Media.


I then check that it is of the correct quality and that it will save in the correct place with the correct name as well as checking that the whole video is there.


Followed by pressing Export which leads you to the following page showing that it is exporting therefore preparing to be shared through other forms of media.



EPQ – Final Product

I have now finished my artifact EPQ project. I have come across multiple issues throughout the process but feel that I was able to find the most effective ways to deal with them and have been able to create a professional piece of work for a brief given by a professional company. I am pleased with the outcome and am very glad that I chose to do an artifact rather than a dissertation as although a dissertation would have been very interesting to learn a lot more about a specific subject area I have been able to improve my production skills a great deal which is very helpful as I am looking to pursue a career in media production.

Draft 5 – Feedback

Here is the e-mail that I sent to Zena with draft 5.


Here was Zena’s reply.


To summarize the feedback given for the final draft:

  • Make sure that titles are consistent.
  • Try to amend the end so that it doesn’t cut out too quickly.
  • Make sure all font is Calabri so that again it is consistent.

Draft 5

Since getting the feedback from Draft 4 of the Heritage video I have continued to edit with Premier Pro. I have also been able to use After Effects for the stabilizing of the pans as can be seen in the previous post.

I have not only been able to advance with stabilization I have also tried to add an effect to the entrance of the titles. I have used the same transition effect as with the exit of each title however they do not quite look the same so I am going to try and find another that looks more similar and fits in better however I will leave it with this transition for draft 5.

I have also been able to add an end page which shows the companies offical website and their facebook page links.

So that the video flows better I have also cut out the first pan of Emily walking through the reception area and cut down the end of Will’s interview so that it fits in better and does not seem to just cut off at a sharp stop.

Stabilizing Pans

I have not previously stabilised a pan in premier pro or after effects so I looked into the effects that I could find on the two programs myself. When I could not find anything that worked when experimenting with the effects I could see available I also tried to use the same feature that I had previously used for the still shots.

Here is the video which I found to help me stabilise the still shots.

I selected the tracker feature and ticked the boxes position, scale and reflection. I then got the two tracking points and tried to find an area on the shot that would be in shot throughout the whole pan however this did not work so I turned to trying another method. I could not figure out another way to try and stabilise the shot on my own to I turned to researching tutorials online. Here is one site that I looked at but unfortunately did not find too helpful.  I also found some that said to use the ‘warp stabiliser’ effect in premier pro or after effects but the system that I was using premier pro and after effects was the CS5 and I could not find this feature so I continued to find another way.

Here is a video that I had looked at.

I came across a video which seemed to be helpful and showed me how to use Adobe Mocha as well as after effects. I begun to follow what the man had been saying however I got to importing it to After Effects and realised that I did not have access to the Mocha importer and when trying to download it I realised it was quite pricey so I had to once again try to find another method.

Here is the another video which I looked at about using Mocha

One of the media teachers is quite advanced with using After Effects so I asked them when the internet failed to assist. He told me that there was a few computers in the other media room that had got the updated Premier Pro CC and After Effects CC so I could have a look and see if there was any more effects. When I got the chance to have a look at the updated After Effects I found they did have the Warp Stabiliser effect that worked very well.

I found the warp stabiliser.


I then dragged it over the footage and it took a few minutes to analyze the clip but worked extremely well.

After effects stable.PNG

Since I had been able to stabilize the clips required I just had to add them back onto the Premier Pro project. Having saved the clips I tried to import them back in but couldn’t find the composition so I rendered each one and exported them as seen below, I was then able to add them back into the final project.

Here I am rendering each project so I could add them back into Premier Pro for the final project.


Draft 4 – Feedback

I have once again sent the updated video to Zena and here is a copy of my e-mail sent.



Zena has now been able to watch draft 4 and give me some more feedback. Here is what she said:


To summarize what Zena said:

  • Cut Will’s interview shorter still to make sure it flows well.
  • Cut out the first pan as Zena sees it as unnecessary.
  • Add more of an effect to the entrance of titles.
  • Add an end page with their social links.

Draft 4

Having looked at the feedback from Zena I have continued to edit the video. Something that I think has really improved the video is altering of the sound. I have changed the volume of the music so that it fades down when interviews begin and it fades back up when finished. I have made sure that the music can still be heard below the dialogue however it no longer overpowers it.

As the job title on screen when Harry talks did not match what he was saying I changed the text so that they did once again match. I have also cut down the length of Will’s interview by cutting out part from towards the end that is not quite necessary, Zena quoted a part that she wanted it to be cut at so I have cut it here however I am not too sure if it flows well so have left it and will see what Zena thinks when she looks at the next draft.

I have been able to stabilize some of the still shots so that they do not wobble as they did move a little. These now look a lot better and have done for a while however some of the pan’s included are not as steady as I would have liked so I have  been doing some research into how to steady a pan. To read about this in more depth find the later post called “Stabilizing the pan’s”. I have not been able to finish editing it for draft 4 however it should be done for draft 5.

I have also made the few other tweaks for draft 4 such as re-positioning the logo throughout the video. I have also made a few other changes to parts of the video that I did not think worked too well.

Draft 3 – Feedback

Here is the email sent to Zena with draft 3.


When she had received this and watched draft 3 of the video Zena replied with this:


Once again the feedback given was very helpful, here is a summary of what was suggested:

  • Adjust the music so that we can clearly hear what is being said in interviews
  • Amend job titles so they match with what people have said.
  • Edit Will’s interview as it is a bit too long.
  • Check about stability of shots and check the positioning of the logo.

Draft 3

Having had Zena reply having watched the second draft I have made some more changes to the second draft. A key thing that I have changed in the video is the background music. I have found a similar track that will not have any copy-write or legal issues for the company as it is not a soundtrack for a song that has been created by a signed artist.

I have also edited the position of the titles as well as the effect on the job title.  I have also removed ‘the day in the life’ title as the company does not want it there.

Another change that I have made to the video is the logo used in the top corner of the video. I had been looking for a way to remove the white outline on the logo however could not find one, I had originally not realised that the PNG on the logo did not have the white outline hence why I used the JPG.

I have also once again cut down some of the dialogue from the interviews so that the video will be legally fitting to what Heritage is allowed to present to potential employees.

So that I could get a range of opinions on the video I have also shown my current media teacher, Mrs Cobb, draft 2 of the video so that I can get some more feedback from someone else’s point of view as well as someone who will be looking for the techniques used rather than just the content and making sure that it flows well. One thing that Mrs Cobb has suggested was to edit the way the footage is positioned in the frame so that the shots would be closer and make a more intimate feel for the audience.

Here you can see my final draft 3.