Demon Media

I have recently moved to Leicester to study Media Production at De Montfort University. I looked into some of the society’s that would be available for me to join and DEMON MEDIA stood out to me as it looked like a great opportunity to advance my skills and get more experience in order to assist with furthering my career. As with many societies they had a taster day so that we could get a greater insight into what the society is and see if it is something that we would like to join. Demon Media has got three main strands, TV, FM and The Demon which is a magazine.

I went to the FM taster first where I got to record a few links for a radio show which was fun. At first I did not know what to talk about but then it just flowed and was good. We talked about our experience of freshers so far and about where we are from.

I was then able to go to the taster for Demon TV where I was in charge of the VT which entailed me keeping an eye on when the VT needed to played play it on time and then also tell the floor manager what the remaining time on the VT was.

I really enjoyed both of these and was then able to try The Demon which was not as much my thing just because of the nature of it. We were set the task of writing an article about Halloween or Autumn for the next magazine. I was not the best but hopefully they could use part of it, if not I did fairly enjoy writing it.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Demon Media so far and am looking forward to being able to join fully and am now also looking forward to starting my course even more to be able to experience more of a variety of media production and begin to get even more involved and advance my skills.


Rebecca’s Chocolates

I have had the amazing opportunity to have a part-time job at Rebecca’s Chocolates for 3 years. Rebecca’s Chocolates is a local Guernsey business based at Oatlands, a family retreat. When I first started working here back in 2015 and a lot of things were different, both how I am personally, my job role and how the shop itself has developed.

I would say that working at Rebecca’s Chocolates has made a very good and big impact on my life. One of the main things that has helped me is having to serve customers. To many people this would sound like one of the most simple aspects of the job however when I first started this was the most terrifying and difficult thing that I had to do. I was scared to have to talk to people that I didn’t know and was worried that I would do something wrong. I soon realised that this was an issue that I should not be worried about. Everyone who came in was very nice and it took me a while to realize this however I eventually did. Having to overcome this and deal with new customers of a weekly basis has not only helped me improve my people skills but has also had an amazing impact on my self confidence. I used to be very shy and quiet and I still can be like this on occasions however I have improved a lot and find it a lot easier and am a lot more comfortable with meeting new people and talking to people that I do not know well or at all. I have also changed as a person as when I first started working here I was 15 years old and had just started year 11, my final year at high school, and now I am 18 and am about to begin university.

As I previously said my job role is another thing that has changed a lot is my job role. When I first begun working at Rebecca’s I would sell our products, package boxes of chocolates and other similar products as well as making sure that the shop was presentable and appealing for customers. I would also make soft ice-creams for customers during the summer months. I also held a great deal of responsibility as I got a key to the shop as I would open and lock up the shop every time I worked as I would be working alone after I finished my training. As I have got more skilled I have been able to package a wider range of our products now helping come up with new season specialist packaging and ideas. I do still hold a key and my general duties remain the same however in January 2017 I was responsible for training up a new weekend member of staff and between then and now I have trained up 3 other members of staff. I have also started to work with multiple other members of staff a lot more with working during school holidays with the full-time staff and as the business grew we have started to have at least 2 weekend staff working each day. During the holidays I would occasionally help out with making some of the chocolates and assist with a few basic parts of the chocolate making parties which we host. Until September 2016 this was as close to making the chocolate I got. In September Dianne, the head Chocolatier  went on holiday so I was asked to step in and run a children’s chocolate making party myself which I enjoyed and went rather successfully. I was then also able to go in after school on weekdays to help out when Dianne broke her ankle earlier this year. Since then the business has been growing dramatically and I have had the chance to become a lot more involved. We begun to have chocolate making parties on the weekends which I would run with the help of some of the other weekend staff. My boss then also approached me about actually making some of the chocolates so I begun with some basic piping and managed to work my way up to making the molded chocolates and truffles from February to September. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was learning a great deal more about chocolate, tempering it and the kinds of things which were possible for us to create. This new knowledge allowed me to be even more involved with giving ideas of new products that we could make. I was mainly working 2 days a week, on the weekends, until I finished my exams in June. After this I was able to go in during the week to learn more and help out with one of our busiest times of year.

Over the summer months I almost became a full-time member of staff in-between temping in the offices helping out when general extra assistance was needed as well as covering for when Dianne broke her wrist. (Yes same person who broke her ankle earlier this year!) I have loved being able to expand my knowledge in another area and gain a wider range of skills as well as be able to of assistance and help brain storm more season specific ideas for the shop and products such as how we would decorate the shop for Halloween and Christmas and new chocolates to make such as a large Chocolate coffin!. Another thing that I was able to do during the summer months with Rebecca’s Chocolates was to create a website with another member of weekend staff, Maria. Maria and I were told what sort of things Hanne, our boss, wanted the website to be like and what she wanted to be included and we were then left mostly to our own devices to build and design the website with the help of the use of vista-print. We took photos of all of our products, learnt how to add extra pages and personalize the website so that it would fit our criteria and be easily navigated by all customers, no matter how much technological knowledge they have. Neither of us had got any previous experience with building a website or anything similar so we really thrived in this new experience and learning how everything worked. It took a lot of time, research and problem solving but eventually we got there and ended up with a product that we were all very happy with. We were even able to teach Hanne a little more about how to use the website and check the page views that we have got which she was very pleased with and we are now well over 200. To check out our website just click the following link : Rebecca’s Chocolates

Overall I have loved my time with Rebecca’s Chocolates and even though I have now moved to Leicester to study Media Production at University I will be returning at Christmas to continue to help and work with the Rebecca’s team 🙂

Office temping

In June 2017 I finished my A-Level exams and I then had about 3 months before I would be moving to the UK to begin university so I took this as a change to enroll with a local recruitment office as well as contacting a few companies personally in order to try and get some temporary work. I thought this would be a good idea as I would get a better idea of what the real working world is like whilst being able to save up some money for when I move to university and need to be a lot more independent.

I was unfortunately unsuccessful with companies that I approached myself in gaining any positions however the recruitment agency was a great help and helped me find two receptionist opportunities.

The first of the two was with Deloitte where I worked for 2 weeks. I had some training before one of the receptionists went away on holiday and I covered for her. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company as all of the staff were very welcoming and easily approachable when I came across issues that I was not sure how to deal with. This cover role meant I was responsible for ensuring all meeting rooms were ready at all times in case there was a last minute meeting required. I would also confirm all room bookings from staff and helped out with taxi bookings for members of staff or clients who needed to travel on and off the island. I was also responsible for ensuring the entrance of the office floor was presentable and that any guests who arrived had got a drink or anything that they needed. I would also notify staff when they had clients in to visit and of any post which had been delivered for them. During my time at Deloitte I also learnt how to place DHL orders and I made sure all log books were correct and up to date.

I also had another placement later on in the summer with KPMG. This placement was slightly longer and I was there for 3 weeks. I equally enjoyed working here however there was more independence as unlike with Deloitte they only have one receptionist which meant I was the only person who had learnt how to complete some of the tasks that needed to be done so if there was issues I had to try and create solutions myself. The job role of receptionist at KPMG was very similar to that at Deloitte however some of their methods of recording data varied. The taxi bookings for example had slightly different information that was required to be noted down as well as using a different booking system for meeting rooms. I also had a few extra requirements when working for KPMG such as having to also book hotel rooms for some of the staff who were coming over to the Guernsey branch. At KPMG I was again responsible for setting up and closing the entrance area as well as keeping up it’s appearance throughout the day.  At KPMG one of the main differences was with the phone. A lot more clients would not have the members of staff’s direct line so they would phone reception and it was then my job to find the correct transfer code and transfer them to the correct person.

There was quiet and busy times when working for both of the companies which has helped me to improve my organisation and time keeping skills as you never know how busy it may get later on in the day. I did enjoy the experience even though being a receptionist is currently not my ideal long term career. I feel that these temping opportunities have helped my confidence grow and helped me become a more independent individual. I learnt how to use a variety of different software and systems throughout the different businesses which I believe has helped me become a lot more versatile and I can pick up a new way of using a system a lot quicker. Overall this has been a very positive experience and I have been able to improve my skills with technology which will be of assistance on my Media Production BSc at De Montfort University.

Guernsey Folklore Documentary

I have had the great opportunity of being involved in a documentary about the Guernsey Folklore. This has been great as I have been able to learn more about the history of the island that I have spent my life on. I found some of the stories that were being re-told in this documentary fascinating. Although I was not heavily involved I did enjoy the opportunity of acting in this. I was acting as a part of a crowd in a few scenes, one being a beach scene where Michelle is being publicly shamed for her actions.

An image of us after the filming for the shaming scene.

This volunteering job was not only interesting as I got to learn more about the history of Guernsey but also because I was involved in a professional documentary that will be published. I have also been able to see that the whole process takes a lot longer than I had initially thought, we are still in the process of filming some of the scenes now however they have been able to create a trailer which you can see below.



Specsavers advert

I have had the opportunity to act in a social media advert for Specsavers. This involved me acting as a member of the crowd as they took part in a penalty shootout. This was a great opportunity for me as I was able to gain some experience with working in a large scale film project. I was able to see the type of equipment that they used to film as well as seeing how they use it compared to the ways I have experienced using it myself, with the school equipment.

I also got the chance to talk to some members of the creative and production team, I was able to ask about the planning process for this shoot, how often they take part in similar projects to this and how they got the chance to join Specsavers.

For the planning they told me that the creative members of the Specsavers team will be given a brief of what part it is they are needing to advertise, be this they glasses, new contact lenses or special offers happening at the time. They will then create an idea and refine the ideas down so that they have got a solid outline of what they would like created. This is when the production team come in. They will then have to organise who they will need, where they will be filming and when it will all take place. Eventually once all of the planning has taken place and they know what they will be filming with who and where they will film. This can be a rather lengthily process if actors are not co-operating or if they have issues with the equipment, for the advert that I took part in it all went rather well and quickly. They will then take the footage back to the editing team who will edit all of the clips together to create the final advert ready to go out on various platforms. The main base for Specsavers is in Guernsey as well which is rather cool as it all takes place here on island. They will sometimes have to go off island for the filming of a project however everything else takes place on island.

When I asked how often they tend to take part in projects like this they said that it really would range as there is not always adverts required to be created or they will be adverts that take place in a different form of media, such as print ads. They will create the general adverts for the glasses which tend to be ‘should have gone to specsavers’ type things. Then they also have the special deal advertisements which will take place randomly throughout the year.

When I asked the members of the team how they had started working for Specsavers one said that they had joined through an apprenticeship scheme in which they visited various areas throughout Specsavers. They spent about 2 months with each team from the company. They said that they had really enjoyed this and found it very helpful as when they begun they were not too sure what they wanted to do however after taking part in this scheme they had been able to experience a variety of areas so therefore able to identify their preferred area of work within the creative industry.

Overall I enjoyed being a part of a production for a company who creates advertisement videos that go all around the UK. I also found it very helpful to be able to talk to some of the members of the production team as I was able to see just how a degree in media production could help me for a future in a media company. It also showed me just how diverse the areas of the company can be so there is not just the basic areas that I had originally believed but a lot more people behind the scenes meaning there is a lot more opportunity to find the area that is best suited to you.

Sun Safety with Louis the Lobster

Over the summer I have been able to work with a local radio station, Island FM, to raise awareness of sun safety. As I know someone who works at the radio station when they were looking for someone to help she approached me as she knew I perform on stage. I agreed to help as thought it would be a good experience and help people become safer when having fun in the sun.14054123_10153892228085998_273846627451670434_n

For the sun safety awareness initiative I dress up as Louis the Lobster. When dressed up I went to various beaches around the Island, as well as to Herm, with a radio presenter. The presenter and I walked around the beach talking to holiday makers as well as some local people there. We handed out goodie bags with information to help you stay safe. Louis was a big hit with the children who loved waving at him, giving him hugs and taking photos, even a few selfies. This was a really fun and interesting way to get younger people interested in remaining safe whilst having fun. As I wasn’t able to be heard through the big head I had to mime to try get messages across so the presenter was the person who would make sure everyone knew what they had to do to stay safe. We also had sun cream to give out for free for those who did not have any themselves. We were pleased when we heard that the majority of people had got sun cream on, were covering up in the hottest parts of the day and some even had UV protection tents for their children to sit in.

As this was for the radio we had regular intervals where we would talk on the radio about what was going on as well as our top tips for remaining safe. This got a wider range of people aware of what they can do in the hot weather. We even got some people driving past the beach who would honk their horn and wave to Louis the lobster, me, on the beach!

With it being summer it was rather hot in the costume but I had a good time helping make people more aware and safe over the summer period.


Management Shadowing

I have just taken part in a management shadowing course at Waitrose. This was very interesting and I have learnt a great deal from my week there.

I did not spend all 5 days of my management shadowing course at Waitrose, I was able to spend one day at Orchard PR, this is the company who deals with all of the PR for Waitrose. This was helpful as I was able to see the kinds of things they help organize for Waitrose as well as how they deal with the media companies and upcoming events. I also got to see how other clients varied from the type of publicity that Waitrose gets. A client who was especially prioritized on the day which I was with Orchard was Condor Ferries, this was due to members of the public and what they were posting on social media sites about the company. Brooke, the manager who I spent most of my time with, had originally prioritised Waitrose for the day which I was visiting. However due to uncontrollable circumstances with the public and social media her plans changed.

During my time at Waitrose I spent the majority of my time with Ian Burkendin, the branch manager. However he did get me the chance to also spend some time with section managers and a team leader who is training to become an assistant section manager. This was very helpful as I was able to see how they have to work their way up and what things are required. Sam, the team leader I spent an afternoon with showed me all about him waste initiative, this is one of the projects which he is working on to try and improve Waitrose. Initially Sam measured the average amount of waste per day in each sections of the shop, then he came up with new ways to try and reduce the amount of food products wasted due to their sell by dates.

Seeing multiple different types of manager helped me get a better understanding of what the main differences there are in their roles as well as what kind of responsibilities they all have. I was also able to go with Ian to a section managers meeting, this gave me a better insight into his job role as I was able to see how as branch manager, he helps the section managers with changes going on with Waitrose. I was also able to see what things they covered and how they priorities events to work in the most effective ways. They all also talked about which parts of their department was not work as effectivly as they wanted, the section managers were able to work together to come up with solutions for the issues.

I was also able to go to a meeting when I was on my day at Orchard, this meeting allowed me to not only see what they do for the clients in the office but also how they interact with their clients in the meetings. I got a better understanding of what sorts of events they organise as well as what parts of the organising Orchard does and what parts the client themselves were planning.

Since I have finished my management shadowing course I have created a presentation about my experience and what we believe the role of a manager includes. I then presented it to a panel of judges who chose the top 10 from a range of schools to present at the presentation evening. The judges there then chose a final winner out of the top 10, unfortunately I was not chosen to be in the top 10 however I did still gain a lot of experience and knowledge about the role of a manger, not only from my own experience but also from the presentations given by my peers.

The whole experience was very interesting and I was able to learn a lot and find out a lot more about how the business works as a whole as well as from the managers at the top.



Part-Time Work

My part-time job at Rebecca’s Chocolates has helped me become more responsible as when I work there I run the shop for that day by myself meaning I am trusted with a key and all of the general sales and appearance of the store. I have also been able to improve my time management skills and how to priorities better as I am set a list of jobs to do for the day meaning I have to use my time in the shop effectively. I believe that my boss would not only say that I am a trustworthy employee but also very reliable as I have worked there every weekend since October 2014. I have never missed a day of work due to illness and am always punctual. I have also helped out on some weekdays during the times that I am not at school.

When my boss, the person who runs the chocolate making parties that we hold, went away on holiday I was asked to go in and take her place showing all of the children what to do and helping them out with the more difficult tasks. I found this a real compliment as I realised that she has a lot of trust in me and believes that I am capable of doing some of the more complex tasks within our company. I am also now currently the longest standing member of staff after my boss meaning I hold slightly more responsibility than other part-time members of staff within our small company.

The Big Think


I have just taken part in a project, The Big Think, run by LRD. LRD is a local advertising company, they help local businesses with their advertisement to help get more awareness.

For The Big Think we were split into two teams, the green team and the blue team. I was a part of the green team and we had Emily and Hannah who work for LRD as tutors, they were there to help us along the way when we were unsure of what needed to be done or how we needed to do this.

We were set a warm up task, we had two newspapers, a roll of tape and a brick, the challenge was to build a tower out of the paper and tape. When we first got together as a group one member suggested creating a triangular shape as the weight would be evenly spread and therefore be more successful at holding the brick up. We also had the suggestion to create little pillars to help hold up the tower. We were going to use one roll of paper per side then I brought forward the idea of using only two which were folded in half then placed together to form a triangular shape. This appeared to work and was also a lot more effective for the amount of paper which we had.  Unfortunately our tower was lower than the other teams but we worked well together and go to know the people in our group better.

We got a brief for a company which sells food without packaging. This shop could be revolutionary for the economy and the way which people shop as it is so simple and is also less wasteful, due to the lack of packaging and because of the fact that you only buy the amount which you need so you are not left with excess food at home. As a group we then had to come up with a proposition which is a sentence with what we see as the essential parts of the brief. This helped us lead to the creative expression which is what we use when making all of our creative advertisement ideas.

Our proposition was ‘Naked: The organic store for package-free, simple shopping’ and from this we created the creative expression. Some one mentioned the saying Bear necessities, as food from the naked stores is package free and you simply get what you really need. From this we got the final expression of ‘As bare as it gets’. We all thought about a good way to advertise this and that’s when I came up with the idea of using a bear in our television advertisement. My initial idea was to have a parallel edit of a bear in nature then a bear in the naked store to show that the food is as natural as it gets and is as nature intended. This was not quite going to work so after some more thinking we decided to have a bear walk our of its natural habitat and choose to shop at the naked store rather than just get the food from nature as it is so simple in the stores. This will also grab the viewers attention and make more people aware of the new business.

To allow our group to make the most of the little time which we had to complete the task we split into different groups to complete the different tasks which needed to be done. I worked with Sally and we looked into how we would use social media to help the business,  someone else looked at the recipe cards as well as print ads and how those would work whilst the last two worked on the television ad and a script for the over voice at then end.

Sally and myself did some research about the different social media sites and how people already advertise their products, we were able to come up with a fun and interesting way to get people to join in on Instagram. There would be a competition where you create a meal with produce from the Naked store, take a photo and upload it to your Instagram with the #nakedmeals, there would then be a shortlist and the winner would get their meal to star on the naked stores page, giving them and the naked store more awareness.

We also created a print ad for billboards, magazines and buses/trains. I came up with the idea of a merged image of the bears natural habitat and the naked store, with the bear sat in the centre, this amplifies just how great the food from the stores is, as it is just as nature intended.

Once we came back together as a group we discussed all of our ideas, made amendments as we felt were required and finally we put the presentation together. We did have to pitch our ideas using this presentation to the client. We shared out the speaking roles and at the end when we were asked questions I feel that I had a good input as the client seemed pleased with my responses, as well as the responses from the other team members.

This was a competition so the client did have to make a decision of which groups pitch was better, he gave us some very helpful constructive criticism before announcing that the other team had won, I was pleased for them as they had done well. I was also proud of our group as we worked all together in the very short space of time having previously not known each other. This was a great experience and I learnt a great deal about what kind of things happen within an advertising company. I also got to see how you have to work to your deadlines and just how tight the turn around time can be.