Print Products

As a part of my A2 coursework I have been creating two print products to go along with my music video for Fences by Paramore.

The first product was a digipak for the album which features Fences, the song which I have made the music video for. I had previously not had a lot of experience with using Photoshop so I looked at quite a few tutorials online as well as just experimenting with the different features I could find. I am very pleased with how far I have been able to come with using Photoshop. Here is my final digipak.

I have also created an advert for the album, I have looked very carefully at the conventions, as with the digipak, and have been able to challenge some whilst using others exactly how they should be used. This has allowed me to be creative whilst keeping the product as the target audience would desire. Here is the final Advert.



Music Video

For my A2 Media Studies course work I have been creating a music video for the song ‘Fences’ by Paramore. I have however not been working with the same group for the whole time. To begin with I was working with Joely, who was mentioned in the post about music video inspiration, we had chosen our song and begun to look into the genre of the song to help us create an effective video for the song. Due to changes in classes and subjects Joely and I were unable to work together on the video any longer so I had to change groups.

I the worked with another student, Sally. I then did some extra research into the new song. To prepare for the new song we looked at the conventions of music videos for the genre Alt-Rock, as this is the genre of ‘Fences’. The reason that we did this was to ensure that the video will be appealing for the target audience and we will get the preferred reading rather than an alternative reading when they decode the video. We found the typical performance part of the videos as well as looking at the kind of story lines that were included in the narrative. We also considered whether the music videos were disjunctive, illustrating or amplifying the lyrics. We also looked at the types of iconography used to help us get a better idea of the types of things we could include in ours. Having created detailed shot-lists and storyboards Sally and I shot the performance followed by narrative shoots. We looked back on our reflection from our thriller from last year so that we were more aware of what we had to improve and what parts went well the year before so we can do this again. As with the thriller we again split out the filming.

When editing the footage together we used Premier Pro. We have also used premier pro to edit transitions, add effects, such as camera flashes, and to correct the colour on some of our shots from the performance shoot to ensure that the continuity is there. We will also be using after effects for some of the affects that we wish to include.

We have now completed the video and are pleased with the outcome, I have really been able to improve my post-production skills and feel that I have successfully been able to create a music video for an alternative-rock song. I feel that the fast paced edit really fits in well and and we kept to the blueprint for this type of video.

Music Video Inspiration

For my A2 media course we are creating a music video as part of our course work. I am in a pair with Joely and we were struggling to decide which song to use from our short list so we looked at images and videos for inspiration. If we could come up with a narrative for one of the songs we would find it easier to choose the song which we should create a music video for. When looking at some images one stood out for me.

Mirror - media MV.PNG

This image was interesting and got me thinking of incorporating mirrors into our video. My initial idea was that we would have the whole narrative filmed in one large mirror. Having two sides of a relationship shown, one good side and one bad side. However after some research of how we would have to edit the video we realized that it would not be too practical so a more simplistic idea may be more effective.

Our next thought was to use vintage frames however we decided that we would prefer a more abstract way of presenting our ideas. That is when we came up with the idea of using luck and games, as the song which we are using is ‘Lucky Ones’ by Lana Del Ray. We think that we will be using games such as chess, naughts & Crosses and droughts. These are the proposed games as the song talks about stars aligning and these games all have pieces which align.

We will still bring in the couple but possibly closer to the end, the star of the video, female singer, will be playing one of the games and a guy will come in with the final piece which she needs.

Naivete Thriller

I have now completed the first year of my Alevels, this also means the coursework for my As level Media Studies. For this coursework I have created the opening sequence for a thriller called ‘Naivete’ I worked in a group of three and we planned the video out very carefully. We logged all of our research and planning on a blog as well as reflection on things that didn’t quite work out as we had wished. We begun by coming up with an idea individually before coming together as a group and compromising to come up with our final idea. Then we planned all together before we went out filming where we equally split out the roles of filming and directing the actors. We also equally split the editing so that we would also get an equal chance and would all be able to advance our skills. We used Premier Pro to edit the main bulk of the footage, we also used Sound Booth to create the Foley sounds for some of the sound effects, such as footsteps and the creaky gate. We also edited various sound tracks of music together to create the atmosphere desired. and After Effects to add in our titles.

We made multiple drafts getting feedback from our peers and teachers. This helped us see the parts that did not work that we could not immediately see. Having had feedback and editing the video we created a final version which can be seen below.