Radio Production

I have also begun to do some radio production with my course. This is a lot more formal than the way in which I present for Demon but I have enjoyed seeing this slight variant on how you can present more serious topics on radio.

My subject area of choice was Mental Health and University. I wanted to see if the public thought University had an impact on peoples mental health and to also get a professionals view on the potential impact. My main question was “Do you think significant lifestyle changes such as moving to University provoke mental health issues?”

I was not too surprised by the public’s opinions which I captured in voxpop form as they had fairly similar views on the topic to me. I was however surprised by the professional as they also touched on how big lifestyle changes like moving to university can have a very positive impact on some peoples mental health.

You can hear my full 4 minute radio report here:


Video Capture and Processing

As a progression from Image Capture we started to do explore moving image. Having done a few practice tasks with framing and editing moving image we begun our coursework. This could be a news package, Public Service Announcement or an Advert. Due to the creative potential I could see in Production and Post-Production I decided to make an advert. I created two adverts, one for a FitBit and one for some Sony Headphones. I used a Cannon 5D mIII to record due to the cinematic feel which I wanted and it allowed me to put more focus and emphasis on the product itself with the crisper image that I could get than if I was using a Cannon XF.  Planning was key to ensure that the advert would flow and include the product in a subtle enough way. Due to the fact that I was going to be using other students time to film them it was also essential that I was as organised as possible when going on shoots.

I also did a fair amount in Post-Production with adding the FitBit screens and making the logos from scratch for both products. I also did some colour correction to ensure that there was continuity between each shot really making sure the adverts flowed.

Here you can see the final product:

Multimedia – THE 1975

For our second piece of Multimedia coursework we had a little more freedom on the website that we would be creating. I begun in a group but due to issues I ended up doing this on my own. I enjoyed being able to have full control of the creative decisions however it would have been good to have had others to help fix issues that I was experiencing along the way.

As a group we had decided to make a website for THE 1975 so I continued this. I had a black and white colour theme as it fit the usual expectations of the bands style. I created a neon header as it also fit with the bands style and made the website look more visually interesting. The website consists of 5 pages, Home page, Music page, Store page, History page and a Tour page in order to give fans all of the information and places to purchase merchandise they need. There are also constant tour updates so people can see when the band is coming to a town near them and having their Instagram and Twitter accounts embedded onto some of the pages gives fans a quick and constant update on what they’re doing. There are also social Media links in the footer of each page so that they are easily reachable.

To see the full website click here:,%20p17187737%20-%20THE%201975%20website/Home%20Page.html

Social Media and Innovation Project

Another one of my modules in my first year at De Montfort Uni has been Social Media and Innovation. Within this we have explored the different forms of social media and how our online presence can change depending on what platform we are using. One of the main things that I have learnt from this module is how quickly media can spread with the current forms of social media. Something else that I learnt is how it can help us reflect on not only the things that we do but also the things that others do and just how much impact something so small posted on Instagram or Twitter can have.

We begun the year by creating a blog in which we talked about ourselves and the kinds of things that we interacted with online, in only a matter of a few months upon reflection I was able to see just how much my online media consumption had changed, the people that had that largest impact on me at the start of my University experience compared to now barely seem to matter anymore. I think this is a prime example of showing just how quickly the online world is changing which is why I believe it is important to stay up to date with how technology and the human race is evolving but also makes me think do we spend too much time living our lives through a lens. There is an episode of Black Mirror (S3E1 – Nosedive) which explores this. I found it very interesting to watch but also slightly scary, if this is where social media and the technology of today is heading I’m not too sure that I want to be a part of it.

Having said this I have also learnt that social media can be a platform to voice very important social topics and it can be a way to get people true opinions due to the anonymity which it allows us to have. I was in a group with 4 girls and we decided that for our main project we wanted to look into the topic of feminism. We named ourselves the Femininja’s as we wanted to find out more about feminism and try to make people see that we can all help and benefit. When I begun this I have to admit my knowledge was very limited and my views had been tinted by what I had seen online and what I heard people saying.  I had been lead to believe that it is a negative thing to identify as being a feminist however with doing research and talking to people about it I soon learnt that it was the complete opposite and can really empower men and women. I hadn’t previously realized how much feminists are fighting for equality between the sexes. However I had also not previously considered how feminism can seem to be very female orientated making young girls feeling great but leaving young boys to be disheartened. I have learnt a lot, not only about feminism but also about the different social media platforms and how best to use them. Although I will not continue to post to these platforms as regularly I will try to keep a closer eye on feminism and how I can do my bit to help as some things I looked at really shocked me.


Femininja wiki –

Femininja Twitter –

Femininja Instagram –

My Social Media Blog –

AV Loans

Demon TV is approached by areas of the university to help make promotional videos for them, one area which has recently approached us is AV Loans, this is the part of DMU which stores a variety of equipment for students to rent out. The store things from laptops to projectors as well as equipment to assist students in making productions, both visual and audio. They were wanting a video to be made so that students would be more aware of their new updated system, including the online booking where you can make bookings as close as 30 minutes before collection. This is a big improvement as you used to have to book things 3 days before you needed it.

Alice and I met with the people who wanted the video to be made and discussed what they wanted and some of the ideas which we had already had. After that we went away and created a storyboard and started filming. We used 2 people to show the different ways in which you can use the website to make a booking as well as to show how multiple people can be served at once. We also used a Go Pro in order to show the vast amount of equipment which they have available. Once we had filmed everything we begun to edit the footage together Working along side the people from AV Loans we were able to make the edit fit to the music which they had chosen for us as well as create both a long and a short version of the video. This allows them to use the video in different circumstances, effectively getting the messages across to the students at DMU about how things have changed and improved as well as key things which people should know such as having your card upon arrival in order to collect the correct equipment. When in the Post-Production process we discussed the idea of having interviews with students so we can show their views on how everything works. To show this we created a separate video where 5 students gave their opinion on what they liked about AV Loans. We have included subtitles so that the video could be used on screens around campus.

You can video the videos here:

The short video –

The full video –

The interview video –

Audio Capture and Processing

This is my 2 minute audio-piece which I have created for my audio coursework. It is a part of an altered Alice In Wonderland script which includes 2 music backing tracks and multiple sound effects. The dialogue was recorded in a sound booth and then each one was changed in a certain way to make the surreal atmosphere. The pitch was changed on  Alices voice in order to make her voice sound more innocent whilst the rabbits voice had a flanger and graphic equaliser used making him sound like he is in a hollow tree and to make it more surreal. The recorded sounds and sourced sounds for the whirling sound effect were mixed and edited to create the surreal environment which was added to with the backing music. This music also changed half way through to show the change in environment.

To listen to the final product click Here

Image Capture and Processing

I have just finished my Image coursework. For this I have made a photo-montage which is a horror film DVD cover and I have taken 3 stills which are photographs to scout set locations. I used a range of Photoshop techniques for my photo-montage such as cropping images with the magic wand and lasso tools, painting over backgrounds to create aspects such as the sky and the invert shortcut to help crop images and to invert colours.


For the 3 images there was no editing done however when taking the images the aperture was altered while the rule of thirds and other similar aspects were considered.


I have just finished my first Multi-Media coursework. For this I have created a two page website for the film ‘Marley & Me’. I have used basic coding in order to include text, videos and images whilst I used CSS to change the design of the website. I have followed the typical features of a film website and the brief such as the trailer and cast information included. There have also been specific style features followed such as the font used so as to keep to the brand created.

Jazz evening

I have been part of Demon for a while now and this has opened up so many amazing opportunities. For Demon TV these include things such as filming, editing and acting in videos. I have also been able to plan some videos with other members. Most of the time people are just a part of one or two of these aspects. I would usually film or edit a video and follow the direction of the director/producer. There was however one occasion where I got the chance to film a jazz band in a local café. The person who advertised this was needing it for advertisement purposes for the café. They did not have many strict plans for the video other than they didn’t want it to be too long and that it would be in a montage style. I filmed and edited the video meaning I could see how shots would be framed as well as thinking how I would slot them together in post-production which I liked. Here is a link for the video.

EPQ – Final Product

I have now finished my artifact EPQ project. I have come across multiple issues throughout the process but feel that I was able to find the most effective ways to deal with them and have been able to create a professional piece of work for a brief given by a professional company. I am pleased with the outcome and am very glad that I chose to do an artifact rather than a dissertation as although a dissertation would have been very interesting to learn a lot more about a specific subject area I have been able to improve my production skills a great deal which is very helpful as I am looking to pursue a career in media production.